About SoftClub

SoftClub group of companies automate bank processes, solve difficult integrational tasks, develop and support software products since 1993. That was the day when six developers laid the foundation of a future company SoftClub.

The company develops its own software products for various spheres of the economy, adapts and implements products of world vendors, provides support and support for clients, integrates information systems and provides consulting services.

SoftClub products and solutions are used by 24 or 27 banks of the country, and more than 40 banks in the CIS countries today. The client list includes telecommunications companies, credit and non-financial institutions, manufacturing companies, public authorities and etc.
The geography of the company covers 18 countries.

In addition to working on the domestic market, the company actively works with the CIS countries, Central Asian and further afield. This list is constantly updated: the first client appeared in Uzbekistan in 2018. It was the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank «Turkiston».

We have gained leading positions on the Belarusian market, won prestige and trust among foreign customers and partners thanks to the high professionalism of our staff, modern solutions, and effective management.

More than 820 employs work in the group of companies today. The development offices are located in Minsk and Kyiv.

Development Center

According to the results of HTP, “SoftClub-Development Center” LLC is consistently the top ten largest company in HTP and a top three software supplier on the domestic market.