SC-EMPORIUM is intended to automate the work of the Bank’s Treasury, to organize and conduct electronic trading and financial operations, also to form price conditions for online transactions with various financial instruments.

Product benefits and implementation results:

  • Grading operating, fraudulent, time risks in financial and commercial transactions
  • Automation of the treasury
  • Increasing the speed of customer service of the bank
  • Increase of bank profit

Functional capabilities:

  • online transactions with currency, securities and deposits
  • placing orders
  • placing order
  • negotiating deals
  • reception of market quotations by FAST / FIX Protocol
  • identification of liquidity provider
  • calculation of client quotes
  • auto overlapping of transactions in trading systems of liquidity providers
  • exchange rate management
  • system monitoring and control
  • configuring the quota ceiling limits
  • ability to issue / withdraw securities from trading
  • online opening of a DEPOT account
  • monitoring of the SECURITIES account
  • online opening of current accounts
  • online tracking of the transaction
  • glass trading
  • online position of the Bank
  • instant transactions and placing orders on securities without going to the Bank and Depository
  • customizable trading interface
  • instant transfer of currency
  • the possibility of trading for both legal entities and individuals
  • availability of mobile version for individuals
  • and etc.

Core modules

  • The currency module
  • The module of interaction with external trading systems
  • Module order
  • Module trades in securities
  • Module Deposits
  • Module SC-EMPORIUM Mobile
  • The module of automatic customer registration



  • JSC Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange
  • Moscow Currency and Stock Exchange
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Alfa Bank (Russian Federation_
  • Raiffeisen Bank (Russian Federation)