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SC-Emporium: Trading securities made easy!

By October 7th, 2019Events

An innovative solution for trading securities for both legal entities and individuals!

Based on the software system, SC-Emporium created a Trades in securities module. It allows you to carry out transactions with securities without leaving your home or office!
Now, in order to make the purchase and sale of bonds, the Client does not need to go to the Bank and the Depository. Only Internet access is required.

Key advantages of the system for the Bank:
1. Monitoring your SECURITIES account.
2. Ability to create and configure (limits, etc.) the tool “Securities” and placing/withdrawing from trading with automatic blocking/unlocking in the Depository.
3. The encoding of the securities in the bidding process
4. Automatic data refresh of the Depository
5. Instant transactions and placing orders on securities
6. Tracking the route of a securities transaction (transaction – payment – credited to the SECURITIES account)
7. A glass of trading in securities
8. Customizable visualization of trades (tickers, chart, table)
9. Automatic registration of securities transactions

We have three simple steps for the Client WITHOUT going to the Bank or Depository:
1. Sign up
2. Open a depot account online (if you don’t have the account already)
3. Start trading!

Key advantages for the Client (legal entities and individuals):
1. Instant transactions and placing orders without going to the Bank and Depository
2. Opening a DEPOT account online
3. Monitoring the status of your DEPOT account
4. Opening current accounts for trading
5. Instant payment for buying / selling securities
6. Tracking the route of securities transactions (purchase/sale, payment, crediting to the DEPOT account)
7. Possibility to apply for purchase of securities of different issuers
8. Convenient, customizable interface of trades (glass trading, chart trading, trading table, tickers)
9. Built-in yield calculator
10. Automatic data refresh at the SECURITIES account

The SC-Emporium securities Trading module is integrated with The Bank’s accounting system, the Bank’s retail system, the securities transactions accounting module, which allows the registration of transactions on the Exchange, with the Depository management system. Integration with other API-based systems is possible.

Contact for details:
+375 29 634 57 36
Anna Pavilon