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By May 10th, 2024For Banks, For NBFI

Investment and Treasury Management Platform

Accelerate processes and increase bank profits by implementing all-in-one solution for online financial instruments trading and treasury management

Go online 24/7

Help your clients access services at any time of the day and anywhere in the world

Manage your trading strategy

Maximize bank’s profit

Automatize treasury

Our system autonomic trades with clients and other trading systems online. Treasury should only monitor the trading results

Eliminate risks

Ensure transparency of trading and treasury operations by reducing time, operational and fraudulent risks

Current treasury problems

According to Treasury Strategies



faced with attempts fraud in their work



are still calculated in excel tables without automation, which significantly increases risks

Our system that solves all tasks of a modern bank treasury has been created on the base of 27 years fintech development experience


Increase bank profits by creating a market around you

Attract new customers by offering a key advantage: online trading of currencies, financial assets and ICO

Get rid of employees mistakes

The treasurer doesn’t make manual operations eliminating the possibility of manual entry errors. All information about Treasury work is available for management in a single interface

Manage the treasury and access international data in a single window

SC-EMPORIUM integrates with internal banking systems and also allows to work with large amounts of financial data by using the international trade protocol of financial data transfer FAST / FIX

Renounce the use of old software and royalties

You don’t need to install heavy software to use SC-EMPORIUM. Everything works directly from any browser (internet browser) on Windows, MacOS, Linux. An application for iOS and Android is available for physical clients. With the exception of Oracle databases, all software is developed on Open Source technologies

System components

Thanks to modular development, you can integrate only separate modules that you need

Basic module

It is a platform shell with ability to:

  • organize and conduct trades with various financial instruments (ranking clients by groups, setting up instruments)
  • online interaction Bank-Client
  • making instant negotiated transactions online
  • interact with the banking accounting system
  • settings of the user’s home screen with settings saving (drag-and-drop)
  • connecting / blocking clients in the system
  • online customer alerts

Before implementation

Bank made all clients transactions with entities by phone, individuals could make a transaction with various financial instruments only with their personal presence at the bank

After implementation

Clients will get a digital channel of online-interaction with bank

Currency trading

Allows to organize and conduct trades with various currency instruments, provides the ability to obtain market rates from the Thomson Reuters trading terminal, calculates online individual exchange rates for bank customers, interacts with the banking accounting system in terms of controlling rates during foreign exchange transactions making (compares rates in the client’s currency documents with the rates of the transaction made by client). Provides the opportunity for customers to make instant foreign exchange transactions at the individual rate set by bank, or conduct negotiated transactions with bank online

Before implementation

A client called the bank and reached an agreement on the exchange rate for the purchase or sale of a particular currency. In this case, the transaction was made orally and the agreement wasn’t recorded anywhere.
While the client sent foreign currency documents to the bank, the rate can change. Tracking the agreement rate and the rate in foreign currency documents is possible only visually

After implementation

Clients receive information about exchange rates online. They can make online transactions with various currency instruments, negotiate transactions with a bank about the best rate, receive information about crediting currency to a cash account. Individuals can make foreign exchange transactions online 24/7.
Bank neutralizes operational, temporary and fraudulent risks by automating business processes for currency trading. The system works online, the entire history of transactions is saved, currency documents sent by the client are checked online with the transaction data. Automation of back office operations allows the treasury and bank management to track the trading process. The number of deals are increasing.

Клиенты получают информацию о курсах валют в онлайн, могут совершать онлайн сделки с различными валютными инструментами, вести переговорные сделки с банком о лучшем курсе, получать информацию о зачислении валюты на денежный счет. Физические лица могут совершать валютные сделки в онлайн 24/7.
Автоматизируя бизнес-процессы по торгам валютой, банк нивелирует операционные, временные и мошеннические риски. Система работает в онлайн режиме, вся история сделок сохраняется, в онлайн сверяются валютные документы, направленные клиентом, с данными сделки. Автоматизация бэкофисных операций позволяет казначейству и руководству банка отслеживать процесс торгов. Количество свершаемых сделок увеличивается.

External trading systems interaction

Provides the ability to receive exchange rates from external trading systems using the FAST / FIX protocol. Allows to customize currency instruments in terms of receiving quotes from various external trading systems, to set limits on transactions without confirmation from the dealer (bank employee). Allows to determine the best market rate and calculate on its basis individual client rates online. Carries out overlapping of foreign exchange banking transactions on external trading systems online without participation of a bank employee.

Before implementation

Dealers and treasurers of the bank visually had track the best rate at the moment, manually calculated client rates on its basis, calculated how much to buy or sell a particular currency, and manually made transactions in trading terminals or by calling other banks or stock exchanges

After implementation

System translates streams of market quotes from external trading systems, determines the best rate and the platform from which it is received, and then generates an order to buy / sell currency and send it to another trading system. A foreign exchange transaction is made in an external trading system in online mode. Bank employees only monitor the process while the different systems trade themselves. At the same time, the bank’s clients always receive the most favorable rate, because it is formed on the basis of the best market rate.
The number of transactions increases significantly.

Translation of the Bank’s exchange rates into external trading systems

Allows bank to transmit online its currency quotes to external trading systems, accept orders from external trading systems and make online currency transactions without the participation of a dealer

Before implementation

Bank cannot transmit its currency quotes to external trading systems, as well as make currency transactions online without the participation of a dealer.

After implementation

The system generates and transmits the bank’s quotes to external trading systems. At the same time, the bank earns on commission. This trading method is important for operational interactions for buying / selling national currency.

Currency Orders

Allows clients to expose currency orders in the bank’s trading system, taking into account bank limits. Track status of your orders online and receive, if necessary, notifications about the approval / withdrawal of the order. This module has two modifications.

Before implementation

All transactions are carried out at a specific time without the possibility of performing deferred transaction

After implementation

The client has the opportunity to make deferred transactions at the rate that he sets himself.

Modification “Overlapping orders in the Bank’s trading system”

This modification helps to satisfy clients’ foreign exchange orders is carried out in the bank’s trading system

Before implementation

The client had to make deals strictly at a certain rate without the possibility of pending transactions

After implementation

The client now has the opportunity to make pending transactions at the rate that he sets himself

Modification “Overlapping orders in the trading system of the Bank and the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange”

With this modification, the interaction of the bank’s trading system and the trading system of OJSC “Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange” is carried out according to the FAST / FIX protocol. On the basis of client orders, currency orders are placed by the bank on the exchange. The module allows clients to conclude foreign exchange transactions at a more favorable rate, and the bank to earn on commissions for placing orders on the exchange.

Before implementation

У Клиента не было возможности в онлайн выставлять и перкрывать ордер в торговой системе банка на основе лучшего биржевого курса.

After implementation

Клиент всегда получает  самый выгодный курс, который он сам устанавливает. Кроме того у клиента появляется еще один способ заключения сделок. Банк получает возможность зарабатывать на комиссии за выставление ордера на биржу, увеличивая при этом количество сделок на своей площадке в разы.

Securities trading

Allows you to configure and conduct trading in securities online. All operations, including back-office ones, from the moment of the transaction and online payment to the deposit of securities to the client’s DEPO account, take place online in a split second. This module has two components: “OTC market” and “Exchange market”

Before implementation

The client had to visit the bank and the depository several times to conclude a transaction in securities. A bank employee had to conduct a transaction in several programs in terms of: payment, accounting, posting, writing off and crediting securities to the DEPO account

After implementation

The client can online make transactions with securities, make payments, monitor supply and demand from anywhere in the world

OTC Market component

Allows the bank to put up for auction securities of various issuers from its investment portfolio (secondary market), changing the price, if necessary, during the trading process. Allows the client to buy and sell securities, while it is possible to place orders for securities. Allows the client to open a DEPO account and a cash account online. Provides the ability to visualize the bank’s offers for securities in the form of a graph, tickers, tables, as well as visualize the demand and supply for the corresponding securities in the form of a “glass of trades”. The system is integrated with a variety of internal banking systems for payment of a transaction, accounting for a transaction with securities, posting, writing off and crediting securities to a DEPO account

Before implementation

The capabilities provided by the module did not exist

After implementation

The Bank has access to its DEPO account at a single point, can put securities for trading from its DEPO account, and quote them in the course of trading. At the time of the transaction, the system automatically makes payment, records the transaction and gives an order to change the balance of the bank’s and client’s DEPO account. The client can monitor the supply and demand for securities, make short-term revocable investments

Component “Exchange Market”

It allows you to broadcast to clients the stream of stock quotes for securities that are traded on the BCSE, view information about stock exchange securities, submit purchase orders and conclude transactions on the stock exchange online

Before implementation

The capabilities provided by the module did not exist

After implementation

The client has the opportunity to buy / sell online securities on the exchange through the bank

Online Deposits

Provides the bank with the opportunity to set different rates on deposits, depending on the term of the deposit and the amount of different groups of customers. Provides the opportunity for bank customers to make instant online transactions on deposits with automatic conclusion of an agreement for opening a deposit without going to the bank at the set rate or to negotiate transactions with the bank about an individual rate on the deposit online. The module provides integration with an accounting banking system in terms of automatic creation / cancellation / rellover of a deposit agreement, monitoring data on the amount credited to an online deposit

Before implementation

To open a deposit agreement, the client had to come to the bank. The bank employee had to devote some time to serving the client

After implementation

The client has the opportunity online to make instant transactions on deposits or negotiate transactions at an individual rate on a deposit without going to the bank

Treasury Management

Allows you to digitize certain treasury transactions. This module has 2 components “FIXDeals” and “Open Currency Position Online”

Before implementation

The Treasury had to perform a number of manual operations, keep records of trading results in a separate table and constantly update the data manually

After implementation

The system collects data on the bank’s foreign exchange transactions from various trading systems, uploads it to the bank’s accounting system online and updates the information online

FIXDeals component

Automatically collects data on foreign exchange transactions in external trading systems (trading systems of other banks, stock exchanges, international trading platforms), in which the bank makes foreign exchange transactions, and uploads data on transactions into the bank’s accounting system in real time. It does not matter how the deal was concluded: manually using the terminal of an external electronic trading platform or through the bank’s trading system

Before implementation

The treasury entered data on transactions manually into the bank’s accounting system

After implementation

Currency transactions made by the bank for subsequent payments are uploaded to the bank’s accounting system online

Component “Open Currency Position Online”

It allows you to calculate and monitor the bank’s open foreign exchange position (OCP) online, set up OCP limits, monitor the excess of limits, notify bank employees about exceeding the established limits online. The calculation of the bank’s OCP in the morning is carried out online on the basis of the financial report and data on account balances that SC-EMPORIUM receives from the bank’s accounting system. Then, during the trading day, the system collects and updates information online

Before implementation

The Treasury maintained and updated the table in manual mode, visually tracked balances and limits

After implementation

The system collects, calculates, analyzes and updates data online. The bank only monitors and controls the process

Automatic registration of clients

Allows bank clients to independently register in the system

Before implementation

The client had to come to the bank to connect to the system

After implementation

The client can, being anywhere in the world, independently register in the system and, upon receiving approval from the bank, start trading


The bank’s clients, individuals, are given the opportunity to conduct transactions with currency, securities and other financial instruments using a mobile trading application. The mobile application is developed for two OS Android and iOS at once

Before implementation

Individual clients had to use personal computers to carry out trading operations

After implementation

Individual clients have the opportunity to make online transactions in various financial instruments offered by the bank, to negotiate online with the bank on a favorable quotation for currency and securities using a mobile device

Crypto exchanger module

Allows to conduct online cryptocurrency transactions through the SC-EMPORIUM interface. At the same time, the bank plays the role of a transport corridor between the client and the exchange and also the role of an electronic wallet

Before implementation

Clients don’t have a direct opportunity to make cryptocurrency transactions.

After implementation

The client gets the following options:

  • send orders to the crypto exchange
  • monitor his balance online
  • deposit / withdraw funds using a bank
  •  enter / withdraw cryptocurrencies to the crypto exchange.

Trust Management Module

The module allows you to automate all the processes of trust management in terms of securities:

  • online interaction with the client
  • receiving data from international stock markets online
  • online placement of orders and conclusion of transactions
  • accounting of fiduciary operations
  • work in a single system for both the Treasury and the Trust Accountant
  • integration with banking accounting system

Before implementation

Lack of automation of operations from interaction with the Client to interaction at the Treasury – Accounting level.

After implementation

Full digitalization of the cycle from the client’s investment needs to accounting.
Client – Manager – Accountant = Investments in the international stock market of the Central Bank + Profit + Bank earnings + Reduction of manual and paper transactions + Efficiency.

Data is under reliable protection

Software is tested annually for vulnerabilities

SC-EMPORIUM advantages

  • All transactions in a single banking space
  • Trades according to the selected bank strategy
  • Analysis of quote flows, determination of the liquidity provider
  • The best course for clients
  • Various trading methods: instant trades, orders, negotiated trades
  • Monitoring of trading results
  • Broadcasting bank quotes to external trading systems, accepting orders and closing transactions
  • Interaction with exchange trading systems, including other countries
  • Creation of a secondary securities market
  • The ability to make money on financial data streams
  • Treasury management from a single point
  • Ensuring transparency in the work of the treasury
  • Leveling operational, fraudulent and temporary risks
  • Transparency of treasury operations for bank management
  • New digital channel for providing services to clients
  • Availability and high speed of financial transactions
  • Best quotes
  • The ability to conduct exchange transactions through the bank online
  • Awareness of the status of your investments
  • Single point of access to the Bank’s Market Place
  • Online operations 24/7
  • Mobile trading application
  • No barriers to integration with other systems
  • Implementation period from 5 days
  • Flexibility of implementation and improvements
  • Technical support and system development

Banks that have already use SC-EMPORIUM


In connection with the successful implementation of the SC-EMPORIUM computerized information system software module at Technobank OJSC, we would like to express our gratitude for the high quality of the work performed. I would especially like to commend the staff of the support group for their professionalism and efficiency in resolving issues that arise during the operation of the site and for their attentive attitude to our wishes and problems.

First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board D.Yu. Gruzitsky

Thanks to the employees of your company, this project was successfully implemented in a fairly short time. We would like to note the excellent functionality of the purchased solution and integration with the Bank’s operating day, which allowed us to automate the entire process of trading in financial instruments as much as possible.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of OJSC “Bank Dabrabyt” D.N. Volchok

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