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Know Your Customer

Comprehensive integration solution to ensure internal control procedures at all stages of AML client management

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Anti-money laundering (AML)

Blocking terrorist financing

Legalization risk management

SC-KYC provides

Creation and implementation of a centralized customer database

collections of risk factors on customers and their transactions with signs of suspicion, in the application of enrichment, cleaning, deduplication tools

Identification of special control persons

in SC-KYC according to data from external systems through Web-service for further change of the customer’s risk level

Formation of a risk assessment of working with customers

application of vector or scoring model of AML risk calculation at all stages of cooperation with the customer, maintenance of risk factors reference books

Providing comprehensive AML customer reporting

obtaining analytical reports on risk groups within AML processes for timely development of response measures

Verification of customer affiliation with the sanctions list

when using a comprehensive integration solution, KYC+WLC provides the possibility to verify customers’ affiliation with the Dow Jones and/or World Check lists for further assessment of the risk group of customers

Verifying Customer Transactions

or the further assessment of the risk group of customers using a comprehensive integration solution KYC+CCS

International design standards

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

allows you to design systems in the form of autonomous parts that can be developed, evolve, as individual elements of the subsystem

Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN)

makes it possible to use contemporary approaches in order to create a standard semantic SC-KYC service area

The system is intended for


Compliance Officer


Responsible officers for AML procedures in organizations


Other stakeholders

SC-KYC corresponds

*The best local practices for managing legalization risks

Requirements and recommendations of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (Instruction 818 On Internal Control during Banking Operations, Recommendations 783 for banks, non-bank credit and financial organizations, open Joint Stock Company ”Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus“, leasing organizations, microfinance organizations, including pawnshops, in terms of their activities to attract and provide microloans, forex companies, the National Forex Center for Risk Management related to the legalization of Proceeds from Crime by, financing terrorist activities and financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

*International legislation (including FATF requirements)

In the field of combating money laundering and financing of terrorist activities

*Current data

The system is timely updated in accordance with changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and/or at the request of customers

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