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By June 10th, 2022For Banks, For NBFI

A procurement management system that automates and systematizes all procurement processes of a company of any size.

Product Benefits and Results

  • Elimination of the risk of corruption in procurement.
  • Exclusion of purchases at inflated prices.
  • Reduce costs for paying man-hours up to 2 times.
  • Saving commercial information.

How will your life change after implementation

If you are a top manager

  • The procurement process will become transparent to owners.
  • You will prove your effectiveness as a manager.
  • Reduce your time by supervising the department.
  • Eliminate the possibility of leakage of company money.
  • Optimize the cost of man-hours in the purchasing department.
  • Simplify your work with trusted suppliers.
  • Organize, structure and save all procurement information for any audit.
  • The supplier base will remain in your company forever, employees will not take it away after dismissal.
  • Reduce your company’s reliance on purchasing staff.
  • Get rid of unscrupulous employees until your reputation and the reputation of your company have been damaged.

You are a procurement specialist

  • Get rid of routine work
  • Ensure yourself against unnecessary management suspicions
  • Expand your base of trusted suppliers
  • Strengthen your value in the company by introducing a modern automation tool for procurement
  • Increase your salary by reducing company procurement costs


  • No installation needed, everything works in a web browser
  • Allows you to create purchases, collect offers, conduct online bidding
  • Automatically sends notifications to suppliers
  • Allows suppliers to submit proposals through an online system without taking your employees from work
  • Automatically generates competitive lists and procurement reports
  • Generates supplier ratings based on their participation in procurement