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Check your clients against all necessary special control lists from a single interface

All lists in one place, in one format

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product has beeinhg on the market more than 10 years (under the names SC-WLC and SC-Check)


Enterprise-grade clients


Milliseconds – average time to receive a response for one request

SC-WLC integrates all current international AML / CFT / FROMU lists and your own customer lists and searches all of them simultaneously online.

And local lists of sanctions relevant to the legislation of your country and any lists you created in xls, csv and txt formats

Key benefits

Reduces the time for checking clients by lists up to 80%

Thanks to smart search in all databases at the same time

Minimizes the chance of errors

Thanks to modern search algorithms

Facilitates compliance with AML / CFT / FROMU legislation

due to timely updating of lists and full logging of actions

Smart search

All you need to do is upload all the lists you are using to the SC-WLC interface and enjoy all the benefits of smart search:

The ability to add exclusion words that can be ignored through searching, for example: JSC, individual entrepreneur, etc.

The search is carried out in the transliteration of the Cyrillic alphabet into the Latin alphabet, and the search is also carried out case-insensitively

The ability to search for keywords in the “search by fragment” mode

The ability to maintain a “White List” – a list of legal entities and individuals, according to which a coincidence is recognized as false, to allow interaction, for example, to perform an operation

The ability to maintain a “Black List” – a list of profiles of unwanted clients of the organization with whom the verification will be carried out by analogy with other profiles in all search modes.

Automatic correction of input errors both in user queries and in loaded lists (for example, analysis of Latin letters in query words and replacing Latin letters with Cyrillic ones or vice versa, depending on the number of entered letters in a word)

search and selection of profiles in the database by name / organization name, document number (part of the number) with possibility of restriction by country, date of birth, category of suspicion

SC-WLC can be used as a subscription service or purchase a boxed version

For companies with a large number of clients and transactions, it is possible to integrate SC-WLC into the organization’s software and configure automatic verification of transactions and clients by lists.

How we are working

1. Presentation of SC-WLC

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2. We discuss the nuances

We create individual software adjustments taking into account the nuances of your business

3. Development and integration

Our specialists start developing software for your requirements and integrating it with your corporate system

4. Presenting a fully working system

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