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SoftClub has signed a partnership agreement with “Rostelecom-solar”

By October 11th, 2022Events

The SoftClub group has entered into a partnership agreement with “Rostelecom-solar”, one of Russia’s leading providers of cybersecurity technologies and services. Now SoftClub has the right to supply all Rostelecom-solar software products to customers from the Republic of Belarus.

The line of cybersecurity solutions developed by the Russian provider includes:
• Solar Dozor – employee communications and information leak prevention system
• Solar app Screener – analyzer of application protection
• Software for automated access control to IT-systems of Solar insights enterprise.

SoftClub software is subject to increased information security requirements from both customers and market regulators.

The use of advanced solutions in the field of Information security allows SoftClub to ensure the safety of customer data and the continuous performance of its development processes. In this regard, the company not only adopted the application security system but also implemented its integration into the SOFTWARE development life cycle (SDLC).

“We cooperate with the largest technology companies in the world, such as Oracle, Finestra, Terrasoft, etc., developing joint solutions. An important part of our work is the adaptation of partner products to the legislation of the client countries, market challenges, and global trends.

We are pleased that “Rostelecom-solar” has joined the pool of our trusted partners, and with the help of this provider’s technologies we will be able to protect companies from a wide range of modern cyber threats,” said Vladimir G. Sirotko, CEO of SoftClub.

“Rostelecom-solar” is the company from PJSC “Rostelecom” group. A national provider of services and technologies for the protection of information assets, targeted monitoring and information security management.

“Rostelecom-solar” technologies are based on the understanding that real information security is possible only through continuous monitoring and convenient management of information security systems. This principle is implemented in the products and services provided by the company.

Daniil Chernov, head of Solar appScreener of the company “Rostelecom-solar” notes the company’s interest in promotion in the CIS market. “The CIS information security market is developing dynamically and, surely, is of high interest to Russian companies as an important starting stage of international development. Today, we supply our Solar appScreener solution to customers in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and now, thanks to SoftClub, in Belarus”.

With the help of products developed by “Rostelecom-solar”, we will help our customers to ensure data safety, reduce the cost of testing the developed SOFTWARE and improve its quality.