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Vladimir Anishchenko on information security in the financial and banking sector for the magazine “Market, money and credit»

By September 11th, 2019Conferences

The national exhibition of banking and financial services, equipment and technologies “BankExpo-2019” was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The organizer was the Association of banks of Uzbekistan. Vladimir Anishchenko, Deputy General Director for science and innovation of SOFTCLUB LLC, gave an exclusive interview for the business magazine “Market, money and credit” / ” Bozor, pool VA credit “on the topic”information security In the financial and banking sector: trust in banking products and services yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

Vladimir Viktorovich described the main threats in the field of information security and gave an explanation of the specifics of information security in the banking sector. The most common threats against information security are viruses encoders like WannaCry. It was also noted that 80% of hacker attacks include the use of social engineering. This greatly complicates the ability to convict criminals, because the scam is built on goodwill of the deceived, who self-navigates to a malicious link and provides his/her personal data.

The interview describes in detail which measures should be taken to prevent threats to information security in the banking sector. Currently, to identify the main threats, it is necessary to take into account the main trends observed in the modern global IT market: Big Data, mobility, mass transition to the use of “cloud resources”, which require the introduction of specialized technologies and solutions, products for protection.

The first and main step to fight cyber threats should be the established processes of awareness of society and individual categories of citizens, as well as improving literacy in relation to computer security.

Vladimir Viktorovich spoke about the main innovative directions in relation to information security in the development of “SoftClub” solutions. He also shared for which clients from the banking and public sector information security projects have already been implemented and successfully used.

Currently, mobile applications are gaining popularity in the banking sector of Uzbekistan. As a leading expert in the field of information security, Vladimir Viktorovich answered whether banking applications can be considered sufficiently secure. Recommendations were received on what should be done to ensure maximum safety in this direction.

The interview also assessed the development of the banking sector in Uzbekistan and the readiness of the transition to automation of internal processes in accordance with security requirements. At the end of the meeting, the topics for the upcoming exhibition “BankExpo-2020” were discussed. To see the full interview of Vladimir Anishchenko on the pages of the journal “Market, money and credit” / ”Bozor, Pul VA credit” — informational and educational publication with power financial, economic and banking unit.