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How is the EAEU digital agenda being implemented?

By August 18th, 2023Events

Bilateral joint working groups on digitalization of supply chains and digital support for manufacturing may appear under the EAEU Business Council. Interested representatives of businesses and relevant authorities of the Union’s member states may join them. This initiative was put forward by the Chairman of the EAEU Business Council’s Committee on the EAEU Digital Agenda Vladimir Basko at the site of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan “Atameken”. In his opinion, this will support the implementation of one of the four “freedoms” of the Union – the freedom of movement of goods and, in particular, will accelerate the creation of an EAEU integrated digital product catalog oriented towards the needs of businesses.

Unfortunately, as a committee we cannot boast of significant results. Therefore, I suggest revising our approaches to implementing projects under the implementation and updating of the EAEU digital agenda and ensuring that the Eurasian Economic Commission and other Union bodies prioritize and find an opportunity for significant support for such projects that are prepared and initiated by businesses in two or more member states of the Union. And now I suggest considering the formation of national electronic data exchange systems in supply chains and the creation of national digital product catalogs as the focus, the main theme for our committee and our associations,” said Vladimir Basko.

As an example, the head of the EAEU Business Council’s Committee on the EAEU Digital Agenda presented the electronic data exchange system in supply chains of Belarus, the most important elements of which are the national electronic catalog of goods of Belarus, digital platforms and electronic data interchange operators (EDI providers) working on the basis of internationally recognized standards.

CEO of SCGROUP INVESTMENTS LIMITED Uladzimir Sirotka took part in the meeting

According to Deputy Chairman of the Board of Atameken Timur Zharkenov, in general, the National Chamber supports this decision. However, it is necessary to clearly monitor its implementation, since even some good solutions “limp” at the implementation level.

The imposition by the state of any initiatives has a very serious impact on the business community in Kazakhstan. Especially the same labeling. There are many different opinions in this direction. There are those who support it. There are those who are against it. We see that, unfortunately, the practice that is being implemented specifically in Kazakhstan has a number of significant shortcomings. And we, as the National Chamber, are categorically against imposing something that does not function properly,” Zharkenov noted.

He also added that in the case of introducing a digital catalog of Union goods, a clear mechanism must be worked out, since the resources of the business itself will be insufficient.

The meeting also voted for the position of Deputy Chairman of the EAEU Business Council’s Committee on the EAEU Digital Agenda from the Kazakh side. By unanimous decision of the members of the EAEU Business Council’s Committee on the EAEU Digital Agenda, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Atameken Timur Zharkenov was elected.