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By May 26th, 2023For Banks

Mobile and Internet Banking
for Individuals

Easy and convenient remote banking service for your clients

Quick registration

SC-iBanking makes “onboarding” simple, convenient and safe. The process takes no more than 3 minutes and opens up opportunities to use the full range of online bank products and services.

Just 3 steps:

  • download the mobile app on your device
  • enter your personal ID from your passport and confirm any of your banking products (card, account, deposit, credit)
  • enter SMS code, create login and password. Done!

Convenient authorization

  • Login and password
  • QR-code
  • Remote identification
  • Demo version

SC-iBanking core modules

  • Bank services
  • ERIP (Single Settlement and Information Space)
  • QR payments
  • Arbitrary (business) payment
  • Popular payments
  • Templates
  • Automatic payments
  • Statement
  • Intrabank (between own)
  • Interbank
  • International
  • Automatic transfers
  • Templates
  • Statement
  • Payment cards (new & additional)
  • Accounts opening
  • Deposits management
  • Online loans
  • Online exchange rates
  • Currency converter
  • One-click exchange
  • Auto exchange
  • Between cards
  • Between account
  • Cross card\account
  • Payment system
  • Currencies
  • New cards
  • Additional cards
  • Card reissue
  • Virtual cards
  • Online registration
  • Wallets opening
  • On/from wallet transfers
  • Market orders
  • Limit orders
  • Buy/sale assets
  • History & Management

SC-iBANKING benefits

Time to market (3 month or less)

Development cost

Publishing speed (for iOS, Android, Huawei)

Scalability and high load capacity


How we work

Assessment and planning

We conduct comprehensive business analysis of the project, collect technical specifications, plan and evaluate each step.
The result is Software requirement specification

Development and Management

We use Agile, a flexible approach to software development. The project is divided into components, and experienced programmers are responsible for the development of each component. The project manager is responsible for the overall project execution.

Testing and Implementation

Quality Assurance team tests the project for errors, and information security specialists check it for security. After passing all audits, the project is implemented.

Documentation development

We prepare and provide user documentation for the project.

Supporting and Modifications

We provide further technical support for the developed solution and modifications upon request.

Still have questions?

Leave a request and our specialist will contact you

    Maxim Kazeev

    Product Owner of Digital Banking Department

    About us

    • SoftClub is a leading international developer of IT solutions for banks, financial companies, electronic trading, stock exchange industry and digital economy in Eastern Europe and CIS countries
    • 30 years of experience with customers of enterprise level
    • 40+ solutions in the company’s portfolio
    • 24 countries – geography of activities
    • 1500+ companies use solutions of SoftClub
    • Top 100 software IT companies in the world (Software Magazine 2020 ranking)
    • Oracle Partner, Terrasoft 5th Highest Level Partner