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SoftClub company offers a full range of services in the field of IT consulting: from the stage of analytical study, conceptual design and development of the company’s IT strategy to the creation and implementation of the developed systems in commercial operation.

Conducting IT Consulting will allow allow a banking institution to increase significantly the efficiency of investments in information technology based on preliminary work on the definition, optimization and business process modelling of a banking institution. 

The primary problems in the implementation and use of automated systems.

Often the implementation of a corporate information system in a bank provides a lower effect than expected. It can be explained by the following reasons:

  • The objective of implementing automated systems and the ways to achieve them are not clearly defined or change during implementation;
  • The absence of a strategy for the development of information technology or the mismatch of the development strategy of the banking institution itself;
  • Top management of a banking institution is not participated in the implementation project;
  • The absence of qualified specialists to support the information system at the banking institution;
  • Underutilization by a banking institution of all the capabilities of an automated system.

Benefits of SoftClub IT Consulting Services

  • Knowledge of the specifics of the banking industry;
  • Focus on business goals of the bank;
  • Systemic and process approach;
  • Professional team of trained counsellors;
  • Experience in implementing bank projects.

The main results of IT consulting

  • Maximum impact from investment in the information system of a banking institution;
  • Minimizing the total cost of ownership of the information system;
  • Value engineering to create and maintain of bank information system;
  • Manageability growth due to a common vision of business goals and ways to achieve them among owners, managers and employees of a bank;
  • Reducing transaction costs by optimizing business processes and business rules;
  • The growth of business value and the achievement of sustainable competitive advantages due to the optimal use of IT-technologies;
  • Improving satisfaction rate and loyalty by improving the quality of services;
  • Aligning the capabilities of the IT service and the needs of business divisions.

Based on the results of the consulting project, a system of unified regulatory and reference information is being prepared – the corporate resource of the bank.

A range of IT consulting services

    • Description of bank activities through the identification of its business processes;
    • Determining the goals of business processes and their compliance with the goals of a banking institution;
    • Identification of key indicators to achieve goals of business process;
    • Risk evaluation and inconsistencies of business processes;
    • Development of recommendations and requirements for the optimization and reengineering of business processes;
    • Development of problem statements and technical tasks for the information system as a whole or its part;
    • Development of concepts and strategies for the implementation of information technology in a banking institution;
    • Project management of the implementation of information systems;
    • Design and development of integrated information systems;
    • Development and implementation of complex custom software;
    • IT audit of existing information systems;
    • Development of the company strategy;
    • Role documentation;
    • Training delivery for bank employees.