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Implementation of SC-COMPLAT NT is completed at Belagroprombank OJSC

By February 18th, 2021Implementations

SC-COMPLAT NT – software for interaction between payment systems of service providers, external payment systems, front and back solutions of the bank.

The software helps to unify approaches to automated processes and increase the efficiency of payment acceptance.
Development took four months. In January 2020, the bank began preliminary tests on a test bench together with other systems. Fast and clear interaction between our employees and the bank’s specialists made it possible by the beginning of July to transfer all regional directorates, including the head office, to work with SC-KOMPLAT NT.

The main functions of SC-KOMPLAT NT:
– registration of types of payments and agreements with service providers;
– registration, centralized storage of information about accepted payments;
– traceability of the payment registration process;
– service-oriented technology for accepting payments for issued payment requests, registering payment requests, searching for information in a centralized data warehouse;
– netting and clearing of settlements for counterparties;
automatic generation of consolidated payment documents for transfer to service providers and other counterparties;
– multi-level calculation of the commission for interaction participants;
– management of reporting of information in the system database;
– service oriented integration with external systems and back-solutions of the bank, such as SC-Retail, SC-BANK NT and others;
– management of front-end solutions connected to the system by means of in-system mechanisms and services in the 24x7x365 mode.

After the implementation of SC-COMPLAT NT, Belagroprombank received a centralized system that allows to significantly reduce the processing time, centralize information on contracts with service providers and payments in their favor, as well as information on settlements with service providers, – Andrey Krachkovsky tells about the benefits for the bank. Head of production of payment, settlement and information systems at SoftClub. – A significant advantage of the system has become the automation of regulatory procedures for the exchange of information both with the bank’s solutions and with the state aggregator of services of the NKFO ERIP, which will allow the bank to significantly free up human resources and direct it to solving more urgent problems.

The benefits are obvious not only for the bank, but also for the clients! As a result of the implementation, the service time was significantly reduced, and the service standards increased.

SC-KOMPLAT NT has been successfully implemented and operates on industrial schemes of 18 banks and financial organizations in the Republic of Belarus, as well as in the CIS countries.

– SC-KOMPLAT NT is developing and improving. The banks of the countries of Central and Central Asia are introducing an international version of the system. We plan to transfer the banks of the Republic of Belarus to the international version, since this version supports a multilingual service, and this property is becoming more and more relevant, – Andrey Krachkovsky.