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The best of the best in 2020

By October 11th, 2022Events

In 2020, we have all worked hard to develop new projects and create innovative products, as enter new markets and follow business trends.

We strived to make our clients’ business more stable and modern, and they, in turn, were able to make their clients satisfied.

The main socio-economic trend of the year is remote work and the development of remote services. 2020 has become one of the most difficult and unpredictable years. Therefore, we doubly appreciate the high results we have achieved.

We are pleased to tell you about our employees who were nominated for the annual SoftClub awards ceremony.

Alexey Glukhov, Anna Povilan, Yury Kaminsky, Oksana Slovak, Andrey Krachkovsky, Yulia Savchenko, Andrey Chernoshey, Viktor Soloviev and Nikita Shibeko received awards in the nomination “For a special contribution to the development of the company in 2020”.

Alexander Bilokonenko, Olga Moysevich, Alexander Tsedrik, Ilya Vlasov, Lyudmila Pivovarevich, Artem Shevtsov, Viktor Glushchenko, Fedor Buyakov, Sergey Chechikov and Pavel Devyatov were awarded in the nomination “For an innovative approach to projects”.

The third nomination – “For professionalism in the implementation of complex and responsible projects”.. Andrey Trofimovich, Elena Chechenina, Aleksey Kalenkovsky, Maria Lukshits, Timofey Zhdanov, Olga Gorokhovik, Evgeny Grigoriev and Galina Parkhomchuk became the best of the best here.

We are proud of each of our employees and their contribution to the development of the company.

A difficult year has only made us stronger and stronger. We are already looking for new points for growth and development in the coming year, in order to be with you again in solving any of the most difficult and interesting innovative problems.