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Another success of SC-EMPORIUM: new module and new clients

By October 11th, 2022Implementations

Gradually expanding the functionality of SC-EMPORIUM, the project team is transforming the product from a trading platform into a full-fledged treasury management platform. The development of a new module for managing treasury operations was completed.

The Treasury Management module consists of two components:

  1. The “FIXDeals” component allows collecting information about transactions made by the bank in external trading systems and uploading them to the SC-BANK NT accounting system online. It does not matter how the transaction was concluded: manually using the terminal of the external electronic trading platform (ETP) or through the bank’s ETP. Integration was carried out with the trading systems of the Moscow Exchange, BCSE, Thomson Reuters, Alfa-Bank, Raiffeisenbank.
  2. The OCP online component allows you to calculate and monitor the bank’s open foreign exchange position (OCP) online, set up OCP limits, monitor the excess of limits, notify bank employees about exceeding the established limits. The calculation of the bank’s OCP in the morning is carried out online on the basis of the financial report and data on account balances that SC-EMPORIUM receives from the bank’s accounting system. For currencies, information about which is absent in the financial report, data can be entered manually.

One of the advantages is that the components of the Treasury Management module can be shipped together or separately. Further development of this module is planned.

In addition, SC-EMPORIUM has a new partner – Ak Bars Bank *. By connecting to the SC-EMPORIUM trading part, Dabrabyt Bank now broadcasts its currency quotes to the Ak Bars Bank trading platform. In turn, the trading platform of Ak Bars Bank covers transactions in Bank Dabrabyt.

Also in the outgoing month SC-EMPORIUM was successfully implemented in RRB-Bank!

We congratulate our colleagues from the SC-EMPORIUM project on their new achievements and wish them further development and expansion of the client base!

*PJSC “Ak Bars” Bank is a large universal bank with state participation, occupying a leading position in the banking services market of the Republic of Tatarstan. The main areas of activity are lending and settlement and cash services to corporate clients, including state-owned enterprises, as well as operations with securities and raising funds from the population for deposits.