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By May 2nd, 2024For Banks, For companies, For NBFI

Automate transaction monitoring and comply with AML and FATF requirements

  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Fraud detection (ANTI-FRAUD)
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining a compliance service, reducing the number of false positives and accelerating investigations
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What is it

SC-PHOBOS is an indispensable tool for employees monitoring the financial transactions of your organization. The system allows you to customize trigger rules for certain transactions with the subsequent creation of responsible tasks

Examples of rules

  • Client less than 21 years old or more than 70 years old
  • Client’s passport expires in less than a year
  • Client transaction over $ 10,000
  • Client is on the sanctions or terrorist lists

The possibility of screening according to sanctions lists

And also PLATE and any other lists

Список инцидентов

In cases when the rules are triggered

A task is automatically created for the responsible employee, who changes the status of the transaction (Passed control or Blocked), writes a report on his decision and attaches files


All transactions, as the actions of employees, are recorded in the database. All incidents are documented and always available for quick access and control in the future

History of interaction with the incident

After implementing SC-PHOBOS, you can

Reduce the number of erroneous transaction cancellations

And save your reputation

Avoid fines

Minimizes the likelihood of offenses for improper transaction control

Save money on labor costs

Through automation and optimization of the compliance control department

Strengthen controls to ensure AML and FATF compliance

Anti-money laundering (AML) and Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF)

Completely document each incident

The system documents the investigation process of each incident, with the possibility of subsequent analysis of the performed checks and analysis of the workload of employees

Key technical advantages

Open source technologies

Our solution doesn’t require additional licensing costs for infrastructure software (such as a database or application server).


Simple and convenient REST API provides the necessary set of functions for integrating SC-PHOBOS with your company’s existing software.


The system is developed using a microservice architecture and allows, in case of increased load, to horizontally scale individual services of the product without spending resources on scaling the entire system as a whole.

How we are working


At a convenient time, we will show and tell you what problems you can solve with our software. And we will also answer all your questions


We carry out analytics of your company’s business processes and create a process diagram “As it is and how it should be”


We integrate SC-PHOBOS with automated information systems of your company


We present a ready-made system for management and compliance services and provide training materials

About us

  • We’ve been helping banking and financial institutions go digital since 1994
  • 27 years of experience with enterprise level clients
  • More than 40 banks and 50,000 bankers use our software every day
  • 20 years of experience in the field of AML taken into account when developing the system

SoftClub has the highest partner status Oracle (Platinum) and is a partner of the maximum level of Terrasoft

SoftClub is the leader in Belarus in terms of supplies in the domestic market (HTP rating in 2017) and is among the top 500 IT companies in the world (Software Magazine rating in 2011-2017)

SoftClub entered the TOP-5 product companies of Belarus (according to the results of the research of investment funds AVentures Capital, Aventis Capital and Capital Times)

Our clients

More than 150 clients in 24 countries of the world work on software products created by specialists of SoftClub

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