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Decentralized Industry and Corporate Solutions

SC-BLOCKCHAIN is built on the Hyperledger Fabric platform with an advanced cryptographic module, allowing you to create closed blockchain networks and networks with access control.

Separate network

Separate network to solve applied tasks of one company, a group of companies or within a consortium combining a wide range of organizations to achieve common business goals.

Global blockchain network

Software as a Service (or Blockchain as a Service) solution – a global blockchain network to which participants can connect and create their dedicated subnets, receiving not only a ready-made software solution but also a wide range of related services, including development, technical support and maintenance, and additional blockchain consulting services for developing their own projects.

Product basis

Smart contracts



Problems to be solved

SC-BLOCKCHAIN allows solving business problems in conditions of insufficient trust, when different network participants may be bound by legal agreements, but at the same time be competitors, have opposing interests and need an independent and reliable data source that everyone trusts.

With SC-BLOCKCHAIN, fault tolerance of information systems, decentralization of business processes, immutability of information, and automation of business processes through the use of smart contracts and integration with external systems is achieved.








The SC-BLOCKCHAIN product can be used to implement various projects, such as: central bank digital currency (CBDC), investment platforms (ICO), securities operations, bank guarantees, product traceability, loyalty programs, and many others.

Decentralization and tokenization do not depend on the field of activity but are applied where there is a business need for it. Therefore, in addition to fintech and banking, SC-BLOCKCHAIN is in demand in healthcare, trade, insurance, notary services, electronic document management, and other areas.  



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