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By October 23rd, 2019For Banks

Maximum security in financial transactions

The SC-CHECK software package is designed to minimize the threat of legal, financial and reputational risks by providing information about individuals and legal entities performing financial and other operations as a result of reconciling these individuals with a database of individuals and legal entities based on sanctions lists (hereinafter referred to as screening).

The complex software provides information on the affiliation of persons engaging in financial transactions to a particular category of persons. As a result, SC-CHECK provides support engaging in a financial transaction.

Actual and reliable database

The database can be formed from, perhaps, all the world lists of sanctions. Namely: PEPs (Politically exposed person), “shell banks”, money-launderers, fraudsters, terrorists, drug traffickers, members of organized criminal groups. All sources are identified and provided with hyperlinks.

The database can include BOE, FSA, EU, CSSF, SECO, Deutsche Bundesbank, CBF, MIENFI, CONSOB, AFM, IFSA, UE, FISE, JFSC, GFSC, IOMFC, and all offshore agencies, OFAC, UNO, FBI, CIA, SECO, Interpol and etc.

The used database may contain the information about individuals and legal entities in more than 230 countries of the world including more than two dozen categories: persons from lists of more than 200 consolidated and supplemented lists of sanctions, contains more than 1,500,000 profiles, and 20,000 – 25,000 new profiles are added to the database every month.


Quick filters let you find the right person in seconds
You can make quick decisions. Right in the table you can see in which lists the person is
Quick filters let you find the right person in seconds

All information is illustrative. The data is fake, any similarity to real people are purely coincidental on the screenshot.