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By August 7th, 2023For Banks

Customer relationship management and business process automation system

A single platform for centralized management of information about customers and storage of history of interaction with them, which has flexible tools for automation of many business processes.

The system allows you to know your customers, anticipate his expectations, provide targeted offers and quality service, improve the efficiency of internal processes. It provides the ability to interact in ways preferred by customers. It has tools for reporting on the information processed in the system, dynamically supplemented by information from external sources in the presence of appropriate integrations.

The main software modules of the composition of SC-CRM

SC-CRM. Lending

Credit document flow at the request of legal entities and individuals

  • Automation of the process of consideration of the application by the relevant services (legal, security, collateral, risk) and collegial bodies (credit Committee), decision-making and execution of the transaction.
  • Maintaining the history of the application.
  • Automatic decision-making on loans. Calculation of creditworthiness. Storage of client’s documents in electronic form.
  • Powerful Reporting System that allows you to obtain analytical information in the context of products, terms of processing applications, the speed of consideration of applications by services.

SC-CRM. Debt collection

The functional form of collection strategies, automated pre, soft, hard, collection fraud, a refinancing (the simultaneous use of SC-CRM. Landing)

  • Use of single operator windows and scripts of communication with debtors.
  • Automation of collection documents.

SC-CRM. Bank sales

Automation of processes in retail, corporate and SME-sales.

  • Customer lifecycle management.
  • Systematization of information about products and segments.
  • Automation of sales processes of banking products.
  • Management of “long” sales.
  • Control of managers’ efficiency.

SC-CRM. Product life Cycle

Banking product lifecycle management.

  • Maintaining a product catalog.
  • Processes of development, maintenance and market launch of banking products.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the product (including taking into account marketing companies in interaction with SC-CRM. Marketing).

SC-CRM. Marketing

Identify and nurture customer needs, until the transfer to the sale.

  • Management of marketing campaigns.
  • Functional registration and qualification of identified needs (leads).
  • Functionality of multilevel segmentation of clients on any direct and indirect grounds.
  • Automation of marketing mailings (e-mail, used, messengers, social networks), providing for the formation of messages using a pre-configured layout and the method of data AutoFill.
  • Automation of preparation and conduct, as well as analysis of the effectiveness of seminars and other marketing campaigns.
  • Tools that can be used in the implementation of loyalty programs.
  • Functionality of creating landing pages embedded incorporate information sites, pages of remote service system, other resources visited by existing or potential

SC-CRM. Contact Centre

Automation of customer identification and service processes in the contact center.

  • Multichannel communications using classical and the most actual ways of interaction with the client. For example, using popular messengers and social networks.
  • Providing the contact center operator with a single-window with comprehensive information on the client, possible proposals or answers to questions.
  • Knowledgebase maintenance.


SC-CRM can be integrated with a variety of information systems, including:

  • automated banking systems (accounting) of own development SoftClub, other suppliers;
  • processing system;
  • enterprise data warehouses;
  • remote banking systems;
  • document scanning/recognition systems;
  • departmental information systems or registers of information on legal entities and individuals;
  • SC-CRM integrates with LDAP, various IP telephony systems and email services;
  • electronic digital signature (EDS) support is provided.

Potential clients

  • Banks
  • Non-Bank financial institutions
  • Leasing company


Additional information

  • the work of users is carried out by “Thin client” technology (web-interface) with multi-browser support. And does not require installation of the client part on workstations
  • the software module is implemented using Oracle Database and MS SQL Server
  • the software module is developed on the Creatio platform, recognized by the world’s leading analytical agencies Gartner, Forrester, etc.
  • it is possible to use the mobile application on the most common platforms: iOS, Android.