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SC-Emporium for individuals: we are already working!

By October 11th, 2022Implementations

Bank Dabrabyt was the first bank in the country that provide individuals with the opportunity to carry out foreign exchange transactions on a free online trading platform. This allows Belarusians to sell and buy currency in any volume (from 1 dollar or euro) at quotes that are more profitable than rates in exchange offices and bank offices.

– Bank Dabrabyt was the first bank in which the Electronic Trading Platform for Legal Entities was introduced in 2016. Over the years, the ETP has constantly evolved, reached a higher level and became the SC-Emporium platform, which includes not only the trading component, but also treasury management, translation of courses to external trading systems and other services, ” says project manager Anna Povilan.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the entire team, as interaction with SC-Retail, the implementation took place in a record-breaking two days. The implementation of SC-Emporium for individuals was completed in February 2020, but the Bank needed time to launch a new online service on the market. This month, we completed the implementation of another important service for Dabrabyt Bank, which allowed the bank to gain a competitive advantage even over the country’s backbone banks – a module for broadcasting quotes to external trading platforms. This module allows you to set up, generate and broadcast exchange rates against the Belarusian ruble to foreign trade terminals of other banks, financial companies, including with the subsequent overlap of transactions on the ETP of Dabrabyt Bank in automatic mode. Thus, trading systems trade independently without human intervention. At the moment, the stream of quotes from Bank Dabrabyt is in demand by Raiffeisenbank and Alfa-Bank of Russia, and several more external trading platforms are next in line to connect.

Currency exchange operations can be performed on the Dabrabyt site. Trader. The current exchange rate changes in real-time on it. And here’s how it works: the bank gets access to the quotes of the Thomson Reuters international terminal and sets its own rate based on them. It is characterized by a minimal difference between the purchase and sale prices.

All transactions on the electronic platform are carried out instantly online. You can connect to it at any time of the day from a computer or laptop. You can use the service for free, and there are no registration and maintenance fees.

Available foreign currencies are dollars, euros, Russian rubles. The system has no restrictions either on the maximum amount or on the number of transactions. Bank Dabrabyt assures that it is ready for operations of any volume. At the same time, the site has a low threshold – you can trade with an amount of 1 dollar or euro.

The site allows you to perform operations not only at current quotes. You can also send a request for an individual course – you can negotiate more favorable terms with the bank.

– Previously, in order to agree on the personal terms of the transaction, it was necessary to possess an amount of more than 1000 base units (about 12.5 thousand dollars), make a call to the bank and come to the office. Now, thanks to the new platform, you can instantly change any amount at favorable rates. Moreover, you can independently determine the most convenient moment for this, make a deal in any convenient place and not worry that the rate will change while you go to the bank, – stressed Oleksandr Plitko, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Dabrabyt Bank.