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SoftClub in the Dubai FinTech Summit

By May 29th, 2023Events, News

On May 8-9, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, hosted the Dubai FinTech Summit, a summit on financial technologies. The management of SoftClub actively participated in the event.

The Dubai FinTech Summit sets the standard for financial innovation in the region by bringing together global experts in FinTech, technology developers, promising startups, heads of innovative companies, government bodies, and FinTech investors.

This year, the summit saw the participation of over 5,000 leaders from major banks and fintech companies from more than 50 countries worldwide, as well as representatives from the UAE government. The summit featured over 120 speakers, including founders of blockchain projects, cryptocurrency exchanges, and payment systems. The exhibition showcased innovative products and solutions from 100 fintech companies.

Dubai FinTech consisted of a large exhibition area showcasing the latest fintech developments, as well as conference zones with three presentation halls. What was unusual about it was that journalists from major global publications such as BBC, CNN, and Bloomberg Media served as moderators. Consequently, the presentations were conducted in an interview format, with speakers answering questions from prominent journalists and dynamically presenting their topics in an engaging manner for the audience.

Conference participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to Brad Garlinghouse (CEO of Ripple, USA), Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase, USA), Caroline Malcolm (Head of Government Affairs at Chainalysis, UK), and other professionals from the fintech and blockchain industries.

The organizers of Dubai FinTech provided participants with a mobile application that included an exhibition layout, event program, and contact information of the attendees. This enabled online scheduling of meetings and conducting negotiations.